Custom Dog Statues

Lena Toritch is renowned for her custom dog statues. She has created many different breeds and has a vast knowledge of animal anatomy. But Toritch sees beyond the obvious characteristics of certain type of dog. She is able to depict a dog’s individual personality. Her custom dog statues have been commissioned by government, hospitals, the military and families. Some of the dogs are famous, others family pets, but they are all immortalized in bronze by Lena Toritch.
People who love their dogs often want a memorial to their special four legged family member. Some of the dogs statues Toritch is commissioned to create are famous but all are cherished. Her life size statue of a long serving therapy dog graces the entrance of Cancer Treatment Center in New York. Other famous dogs include Lampo the Traveling dog about which a book is written, Bosco who was elected mayor of Sunol California, Bull dog mascots for Universities, and Special Operations Forces dogs which are honored as heroes who save lives.

Custom Dog Statue Projects

Custom Dog Statues Video

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