Custom Bronze Statue Genres

Whatever the Statue Genre, Lena Toritch can create a custom made bronze statue that is unique, memorable and elicits a response from the viewer. Toritch is highly trained and experienced at creating a wide variety of unique bronze statuary reflecting different genres, sizes and subject matter. Her attention to detail, accurate depiction and creative style are reflected in every bronze sculpture. Toritch has a vast knowledge of anatomy, design and sculptural techniques. This just a sample of the Toritch monuments which include custom made life-size bronze portraits, children, bronze dogs portraits, religious bronzes and heroic custom military statues, police and firefighters bronze memorials. The military bronze statues are a touching tribute to our soldiers whose service and sacrifice should always be remembered and honored. Dog lovers will love the custom dog portrait statues with bronze statues of many different dog breeds including a pug, poodle, Dachshund, bulldog, Portuguese Water Dog, Greyhound, famous dogs, service dogs, special operations service dogs, police K9s and mutts.Children’s Bronze portraits show the remarkable likenesses of children. A child’s sculpture portrait requires special skills and insight. Some of these are custom bronze portrait memorials to children who have died, others are fun family treasures. The life-size bronze portraits are custom made bronze statues that actually look like a specific person. They can be installed in doors or outside. Bronze Portrait busts are a partial version of a custom life-size portrait statue. They are a versatile genre that can be shown in many different settings. The police and firefighter memorial statues are large scale custom made bronze monuments that honor the service and sacrifice of first responders. All of Lena Toritch designs are unique. Her compassionate heart means that she cares deeply about each and every custom bronze statue she creates. Check out the process page to understand how it works and how you can start on your original Toritch monument. For free bids and quotes call (801)359-2451 or send an email

Bronze Sculpture Genres. Examples of Bronze Statues and Sculpture Portraits

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