“Bados”, The Silken Windhound Bronze Trophy

 (Allagante Windspirit Barbados Custom Dog Portrait)

As soon as you hear the name “Allagante Windspirit Barbados” you know this is a royal animal. The family called him “Bados” and he didn’t mind…Bados was a beautiful Silken Windhound, a rare breed. Bados died in a tragic lure coursing accident. Although he had only just turned 4, Bados was rated 2nd among ASFA Lifetime Top Silkens.

The International Silken Windhound Society decided to create a perpetual trophy in his honor for the highest ranked lure coursing Silken each year that is also an ISWS (International Silken Windhound Society) conformation Champion.

The bronze trophy is a careful depiction of Bados’s signature flowing gate and windswept hair. There is a magic of watching a running hound, this magic is forever captured in bronze by bronze sculpture artist Lena Toritch.

“Bados was a “heart dog” for me; he was a joy to live with & made me laugh every day. In addition to this, Bados was an exceptionally beautiful athlete with multiple titles in both performance & conformation. He was ISWS CH, UKC GrCH, ICKC Int’l CH Allagante Windspirit Barbados ISWS LCM2 ORC SRC, ASFA FCh. After his sudden death in an accident during competition, the International Silken Windhound Society proposed a trophy in his honor.

It was important to me that this trophy evoke both his beauty & athleticism; Lena has done an exceptional job in capturing these traits.”

— J.Vookles

J. Vookles provided the two beautiful photos of Bados that were used as a reference to create Allagante Windspirit Barbados custom bronze portrait trophy. The photo of Bados Running (c) Dave Mills . Thank you, J and Dave!

Custom Bronze Hound Portrait trophy by Lena Toritch

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