Exploring Nature. Life-Size Bronze Portrait of Four Sisters

Set One of Two Separate Bronze Sculptures

Sculptor Lena Toritich captures the spirit of discovery and wonder in a bronze portrait of sisters. In real life, the older sister is always in charge of the youngest sister but she is not complaining. The two girls, along with two other sisters, are exploring nature at the edge of a pool of water. Their personalities, care and love for each other are clear. And Toritch managed to capture a remarkable likeness of each girl. Sisters and Sisters 2 are companion life-size bronze statues specifically designed for the environment in which they are located. They are now family heirlooms that will be treasured for years to come.


This unusual statue design was inspired by the characters of the 4 girls. Inquisitive, smart and funny, they love playing together and exploring the nature’s wonders.The bronze statues were created in two separate compositions, to allow an easy arrangement on location. Bronze statues are the best choice for an outdoor placement.

These custom made bronze portraits are located in Wisconsin.  The humidity and harsh weather conditions will not affect the beauty and longevity of the bronze statues.  The sculpture portraits of four loving sisters are captured forever in bronze.


Life-size custom bronze portrait sculpture.Statue of 2 sisters by Lena Toritch

Bronze Portrait Statues of Four Sisters

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