Gifford The Poodle Life-size Bronze Portrait Statue

What can we tell you about Gifford?

You have to be a poodle owner to appreciate poodles….they are in a class of their own. Gifford was a standard poodle who brought so much joy   and happiness to his owners. The client sent many pictures of Gifford showing him from every angle, with different expression on his sweet face.     The family wanted to commemorate their faithful friend with a nice bronze portrait statue.

Sculptor Lena Toritch was their choice to capture the essence of their beloved dog. After watching Toritch’s dog statues video and seeing a big standard poodle “smiling” in the foreground, they knew, that they found the best sculptor for the job. Gifford bronze portrait statue was a surprise Christmas gift for the family. The photos show a life-size bronze dog sitting by the porch, waiting for the family to come home. Gifford has come back to stay forever.

 ” Dear Lena,

You have truly captured the essence of Gifford with the statue you created. Gifford was the BEST! A gentle, kind, and loving dog.He was also the 1/2 Brother to younger Brother Charlie and the Father of Annabel…..both of whom are with us. It was so sad to loose him this summer. Thanks to you, our handsome friend will always be remembered in a very special way. His presence is heartwarming. Your talent is “beyond” and overwhelming. We are so proud to have Gifford’s statue so we can walk by him and pat him on his head. And,even more proud to have a piece of YOUR work! Please accept our gratitude for your expertise and for what you have created. We feel blessed to have found you and blessed to have Gifford.  Fondly,

Jill and Henry Tallman “

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