“Kelly” Life-size Custom Bronze Portrait Memorial Statue

 Kelly’s Whitewater Park. Cascade, ID

This bronze monument of a young woman stands as a guardian and inspirational symbol of nature and beauty. Kelly Brennan’s family commissioned the portrait after her death in a car accident. A breeze ruffles her hair and moves the fabric of her dress as she walks. The setting for the life-size bronze portrait monument is a scenic river park on the shore of the Payette River in Cascade, Idaho. The park is named for her: Kelly’s White Water River Park. It is a perfect spot for this elegant statue of a young woman who loved nature.

The objective was to create an uplifting, life-affirming statue that would greet the park’s visitors. The statue was designed in a classical style. Kelly’s barefoot figure and flowing dress are reminiscent of ancient Greek statues and project a timeless look.

— Lena Toritch

Bronze portrait sculpture of a young woman by portrait sculptor Lena Toritch

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