Max J. Lofy Bronze Portrait Bust

Max Lofy was a sports advocate for Colton’s youth for over 50 years. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Carl Rimbaugh Girls Softball League. Max served as a youth softball and baseball manager, and coach for all age groups for 22 years. Max was a certified sports official for 31 years, conducting numerous coaches and officials and training clinics during that time. He was Colton’s Recreation Director for 23 years, and was instrumental in the establishment of the Hutton and Luque Community Centers. He served one term on the Colton City Council. He created the Student Government Day in the City of Colton. Max Lofy Park, in Colton,CA was named in his honor.

In 2019 City of Colton unveiled a life-size bronze portrait bust of Max Lofy created by Lena Toritch. After the unveiling ceremony, almost the whole auditorium lined up for a chance to pose with the statue. Everyone said that as if Max was standing right next to them as they had their photo taken.