Military and Service Dogs Custom Bronze Statues

Honoring K9 Heroes

Military and Service Dogs have a special place in the hearts of those who train these remarkable dogs. They are among the smartest and most hardworking of dogs. Military dogs are highly trained have the physique of an athlete. They also wear a complex vest of zippers and loops which hold cameras, lights and other military equipment. Toritch’s  statue depicts a life-size Belgian Malinois wearing his full deployment kit. The SOF or Special Operations Force Dog literally saves the lives of the soldiers with whom they work. They are smart and fiercely loyal. The life-size Toritch custom bronze dog monument stands as a tribute to these wonderful dogs.

Lena Toritch sculpted a heroic-size bronze police K-9 and his human partner, a city police officer. A Police K-9 is a specially trained dog that can assist police and other law officers with things like searching for lost people or suspects, searching for drugs or explosives, looking for crime scene evidence and protecting their handlers.

Monty was a service dog who had an uncanny knack for knowing what a person needs. Sometimes he would curl up and sit quietly as a patient got chemo therapy or snuggle with a child who needed a soft nose to pet. Monty was a favorite at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in upstate New York.     The “Monty” bronze portrait statue honors the work of all therapy dogs that provide comfort and support to cancer patients and families at Roswell Park.

As a gifted dog sculptor, Lena Toritch has a deep knowledge of dogs anatomy and breeds. As a Master bronze sculptor she takes this gift to the next level by depicting military dogs in all their glory showing their warrior spirit, as well as the perfect anatomy and detailed military gear.

SOF K9 Bronze Custom Bronze Memorial Statue by Lena Toritch