Custom Bronze Military Memorial Statues & Monuments.

Lena Toritch takes special pride in honoring our brave men and women with bronze monuments that remind us that true heroes serve every day in our US military. As an immigrant to this country more than 20 years ago, Toritch’s own fierce American patriotism fires her passion to create monuments that reflect the spirit, pride and courage of the US Military. Lena uses military advisors to ensure that the uniforms, weaponry and designs are accurate in every detail. These breath taking bronze monuments will teach many generations to come about the valor and bravery of our military and show how much Americans value their service and sacrifice.

It is a time honored tradition to honor the best and bravest soldiers with a military bronze statue. Lena Toritch has made that possible for more servicemen and service women. Its important for people to be reminded that freedom is not free and that some have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we all enjoy. A Lena Toritch custom bronze monument will enhance any setting and uplift the hearts of those who see it.

Custom Military Memorial Bronze Statues And Monuments Projects

Custom Military Bronze Monument Dedication

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