“Porter Rockwell”. Custom Bronze Portrait Monument

Heroic Size Bronze Of A Prominent Historic Figure

The Porter Rockwell Custom Bronze Monument is larger than life size which is also called heroic size. Porter Rockwell was a larger than life figure in the history of the early Mormon Pioneers who settled the Salt Lake Valley. The monument, sculpted by Lena Toritch and Richard Young, is located in Bluffdale, Utah at the Porter Rockwell Industrial Park. It is very near where Rockwell operated the Hot Springs Hotel and Brewery in the 1860’s.

Orrin Porter Rockwell was known as a Wild West mountain man. He was the bodyguard and personal friend of LDS Church Presidents Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Smith gave a prophesy about Porter Rockwell saying that he need not fear any enemy as long as he remained faithful and true to his faith. Smith also told him not to cut his hair and no bullet or blade would ever harm him. As a religious enforcer and Deputy United States Marshal, Rockwell was said to have killed as many men as a gun fighter. Rockwell died of natural causes in 1878.

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