“Tigo”, Portuguese Water Dog Bronze Portrait Statue

A Larger Than Life-size Custom Bronze Sculpture. Sunol, CA

Tigo, a Portuguese Water Dog, was commissioned by a woman who lives in Sunol CA. He was a cherished family pet. Tigo’s owner commissioned the statue after seeing the monument of Bosco the Mayor of Sunol, CA

This custom bronze statue of a Portuguese Water Dog  was designed to be a larger than life full body sculpture portrait. The statue was intended for an outdoor display and needed an extra “presence”. Portuguese Water Dogs, or PWD, have a very distinctive looks and personality. The bronze captures Tigo’s tight curls and elegant tail. A talented dog sculptor, Lena Toritch carefully studied his haircut and warm expression in his eyes. The statue was placed in the garden, where the family dog loved to run. Custom dog bronze statues and dog portraits have been  traditional “guardians” for houses and gardens. Now a life-like bronze portrait of Tigo  keeps a watchful  look after his beloved family.


I worked hard to depict the innocence and peace in Tigo’s eyes that made him look so special.

— Lena Toritch

Portuguese Water Dog Tigo Custom Bronze Portrait Sculpture by Lena Toritch

Tigo, Portuguese Water Dog Bronze Sculpture Gallery

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