Going Home

This memorial and educational center will be centered around a custom bronze sculpture of a US Serviceman and his K9 by Lena Toritch dubbed “Going Home”. This amazing centerpiece will be surrounded by dedicated custom engraved bricks for the memorialized canines. The centerpiece will face Westward into the setting sun behind the picturesque landscape to encompass the true feeling of “Going Home”. There will be benches to rest upon as well as a covered shaded area which will be used for visitors to sit and have a moment to reflect. This will be a place where young and old alike can and will learn of what these dogs and handlers did and how paramount their service is to the security of not only our country, but the entire world.

The memorial will be available to all who wish to visit, including any educational facility who wishes to learn about and pay respects to our fallen four legged heroes.

Be a part of Working Dog history

When you become a sponsor you indeed help the construction of this one of a kind Memorial and educational center. Each sponsor will be recognized at the completion of the Memorial/Educational Center.

Please help us make this one of a kind public K9 memorial a reality, be a piece of MWD history and know you’ve helped keep every one of them alive by keeping their stories told. Your tax deductible donation will help construct this piece of living art and your name could be seen by all who visit when you donate to the Silver Sponsor level or above. To learn more about the project and the many donation opportunities, visit the fund raising site.