The Custom Bronze Statue Process

Our work is our passion. We listen to our clients to make sure we create exactly what they want and deliver a beautiful, one of a kind piece of art that will last through the ages.

— Lena Toritch

Achieving the likeness is a personal and very emotional process for the sculptor. As a result Lena Toritch’s portrait statues look very natural, full of life and bear that intangible “real” quality that makes them timeless works of art. Contact Toritch at Young Fine Art Studio with your idea for a custom made bronze portrait statue. Read below to learn about the process of creating custom bronze statue. If you have questions, please call our studio at (801)359-2451.

Discovery. Connecting With The Client

It doesn’t matter if you have an idea for a custom statue or not. Lena Toritch listens to clients, researches the subject’s personality and character and will find the ideal pose, size and overall design for each and every commissioned bronze monument. The emotion and history behind a sculpture is important. Lena Toritch has a gift when it comes to understanding a client’s vision for a custom bronze statue. She works with people to capture that vision and emotion in sculpture as part of the Custom Bronze Statue Process. Allow Lena to show you the depths of her creative talent. Connecting with the client is the most important part in ordering a custom bronze statue and especially, a custom made bronze portrait.

Sketch. Client’s Idea Captured In A Drawing

It begins with a simple sketch. This multi-talented artist will sketch the design for the bronze sculpture to help clients visualize their custom statue as it might be. The client approves the overall composition of the statue before moving to the next step. During this step in the process, the client agrees to price and terms for the commissioned bronze sculpture.

Maquette (Small Scale Clay Model) Of Your Custom Statue

When the client and artist agree to terms of the contract and a down payment is received, the artist begins to sculpt the maquette. It is a small clay model that is a working changeable model that is created before the larger clay monument. The small maquette allows her to develop the correct positioning, invite feedback about the custom statue composition and refine any details. The maquette will have all major proportions and detail of the future custom bronze statue but will not be a likeness.

Full Size Clay Statue

Once the client approves the small maquette Toritch begins the clay enlargement for the full size custom made statue or monument. An additional payment is required at each milestone of the custom statue process. The sculptor uses precise calculations and measurements of the small model to create a full size clay statue. Young Fine Art Studio is conveniently located minutes from the Salt Lake City Airport. The Client is welcome to visit the studio for an in person statue review. After the client gives final approval of the large (full size) custom monument in clay it is shipped to the bronze foundry for a lost wax bronze casting process.

Foundry. Lost Wax Casting Process

Highly skilled technicians transform the clay model into bronze using the lost wax method. First the foundry makes a precision silicone mold of the statue. This technique captures all the fine detail of the large size clay statue. These molds are used to make wax patterns for the future custom bronze statue.  The wax pattern is dipped in a fine ceramic until it coats the wax statue. The sections of the ceramic mold are heated to allow the wax to melt out before hot molten bronze is poured into the mold. When each section is cast in bronze the pieces are assembled and welded together to build the bronze statue. Lena Toritch personally oversees and approves the foundry process to ensure the highest quality of her custom large bronze monuments and fine custom bronze portraits.

Installation Of Your Custom Made Bronze Statue

The custom bronze statue or bronze monument will be crated and shipped. Toritch has a strong background in architectural and landscape design so she can work with your architects or maintenance crew to properly install and secure your one of a kind custom made bronze statue.

Dedication Of Your Custom Bronze Statue

The final dedication is always a heart touching and memorable event. If her schedule allows, Tortich may be able to attend and share her insights into the creation of your timeless work of art.