Lena Toritch’s Portfolio

Lena Toritch’s Portfolio reflects her broad versatility, imaginative creativity and extensive knowledgeable of animal and human anatomy. As a professional artist, Toritch is commissioned to create many different subjects, styles and sizes of custom bronze statues. But each and every custom made sculpture has her one of kind master’s touch and attentional to detail. The bronze art shown here is just a sample of the extensive custom bronze statues art gallery. Lena Toritch’s Portfolio includes custom bronze children’s portraits, custom made full size figure portraits, custom bronze US Military statues and bronze Veterans monuments, custom bronze dog statues and life-size dog portraits, heroic size custom bronze monuments and custom life-size bronze portrait memorial statues. Some of these statues may be limited edition releases but most are commissioned custom made bronze sculptures created by Lena Toritch for governments, business, military, families, and non profits.What ever the subject matter, Lena Toritch can create a custom bronze statue or monument that will touch the hearts of those who see it. She has a knack for making life-size bronze portrait statues that actually look like the individual. That is a rare ability. And clients say she listens to their wishes to make a bronze statue that meets their needs and is custom designed for the specific environment where it is installed. These are museum quality bronze statues and sculptures  that will stand the test of time and be treasured works of art for many years to come. Check out Lena Toritch’s Portfolio and then contact her directly to start the process of creating a unique custom made bronze statue or bronze portrait for you. For free estimates please call (801)359-2451.


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