“Triple Trouble”. Boys and Family Dog Statue

*This Bronze Statue is Available for Purchase

A dog plus three giggling wet boys equals Triple Trouble. When a couple came to Lena Toritch asking for a portrait of their three children and family dog, she designed an active water sculpture that brings a smile to everyone who sees it. The three boys are trying to wash the family dog with a hose but the water seems to be flying everywhere but on the dog! The boys are giggling as they try to hold the dog. And the dog is squirming to get away while still holding on to his favorite ball. The bronze statue is plumbed to squirt water from the hose. But as in real life, it seems the water is going everywhere but on the dog. The family says the likenesses to the boys and the dog are spot on. It’s a charming family moment that will live on forever in bronze. Toritch has knack for finding the right composition and activity that best expresses a child. Just a phone call to Toritch can start the process of designing a portrait of your children that is sure to become a family treasure.

Call (801)359-2451 to talk to Lena about your own custom bronze portrait of your child.





*Most Lena Toritch bronze monuments are one of kind but “Triple Trouble” can be yours. The monument was so charming, Young Fine Art Studio created a second bronze monument which is available for sale. This is the statue that makes everybody smile. At least anyone who has ever tried to wash the family pooch. This life size monument, Triple Trouble, would be perfect for a back yard or the interior of large building or mall. It is designed to look great from all angles. To get the full splashing interactive water effect, the bronze statue should be surrounded by a pond or other water feature. It is fully plumbed and ready for delivery and installation.

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