Wildcat Mascot Custom Bronze Statue

Larger Than Life-Size Bronze Sculpture Commission

If you are wondering what kind of animal this is… you’ll never guess. My client wanted a representation of a powerful and fierce animal that combines the features of a bobcat, a tiger and…maybe a very independent house cat!

— Lena Toritch

Wildcat Mascot bronze statue is a very popular mascot for high schools and universities. Custom bronze mascots depicting wild animals like Tiger Mascot, Bear Mascot or Wolf Mascot can be seen across the country. Custom bronze mascots are designed to represent athletic spirit of the sports team and make a unique statement. These custom bronze sculptures can depict a wild animal in action, like this Wildcat bronze, or show just a bronze bust of an animal. A mascot statue can be done in a life-size or larger. Call (801)359-2451 to discuss your own custom bronze mascot. With her training in architecture and art placement Lena will suggest the best scale and placement of your one of a kind bronze animal mascot statue.

Wildcat Mascot Custom Bronze Gallery

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