“Ashleigh.” Custom Bronze Portrait Memorial Bust

Private Portrait Statue Commission

custom bronze portrait sculpture bust of a woman by Lena Toritch
“I don’t want my children to ever forget their mothers face.” And with that, he commissioned Portrait artist Lena Toritch to create a bronze portrait memorial bust of the young woman. It is an incredible likeness of the mother who died so tragically but it is also a symbol of hope and comfort. When the four young children saw the clay model at Young Fine Art Studio in Salt Lake City, they each recognized their mother. Through conversations with the father, Lena discovered that the daisy was  her favorite flower so she sculpted the memorial bust with daises in her hand. Five individual flowers: one for each of her four children and one for her husband.

Toritch creates a special design for each of her custom bronze portrait sculptures. Depicting bronze flowers in the woman’s delicate hand and a lovely earring (a gift from her husband) reflects Ashleigh’s character and personality. The bronze likeness of a young woman was placed at the cemetery.

It is obvious that these are not assembly line bronze sculptures but unique works of art designed especially for each client. Toritch always finds a touching aspect to bring life to each custom bronze portrait memorial bust.  She has an intuitive knack for finding the special design or sculptural element that expresses an individual’s traits, personality and character.


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