“Monty the Therapy Dog” Bronze Portrait Statue

Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Buffalo, NY

Monty the Therapy Dog bronze portrait statue continues the work of real Monty, comforting patients and greeting visitors to the institute. Monty’s personality needed to be depicted in a larger than life bronze statue, to match his big loving heart.

Therapy dogs come in all shapes and sizes, all breeds and backgrounds. Monty was an English Setter, but you would never guess that by looking at his long hair. His cuddly “polar bear” look made him favorite among the patients and staff.

Monty was a beloved therapy dog at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in upstate New York. When Monty died of cancer, the hospital commissioned a statue of this much loved dog. Monty was the first therapy dog at Roswell Park but the statue honors the work of all therapy dogs that provide comfort and support to cancer patients and families. Therapy dogs help calm patients and reduce the stress associated with cancer treatments.

When I sculpted Monty I thought that even after his passing, Monty could bring some comfort and joy into the patients’ lives. His statue was designed to be interactive and easily approachable by a child or a person in a wheelchair. Petting and hugging Monty’s likeness will bring a welcome distraction to patients young and old.

— Lena Toritch

Toritch managed to skillfully depict  Monty’s flowing long hair in the bronze statue. The statue is placed on a piece of a fine black granite, that accentuate a beautiful golden color of the statue’s patina. Bronze Monty statue likeness immediately captures the viewer, inviting to approach and interact with a larger than life bronze therapy dog.

Monty was a kind hearted English Setter. His owner, Nicole Gerber, started the therapy dog program at Roswell Park in 2006. Now the hospital reports the program has grown to 14 dogs including a St. Bernard, Papillon and Doberman Pinscher.

English Setter “Monty” the Therapy Dog Bronze Statue Gallery