Carl Rehnborg. Custom Bronze Portrait Sculpture

Life-Size Statue of The Founder of NUTRILITE

The Carl Rehnborg portrait statue was unveiled on September 17, 2014 in Buena Bark CA. His bronze likeness greets visitors to the new state of the art NUTRILITE facility. This statue is one of the finest examples of custom bronze portrait sculpture work created by Lena Toritch.

The life size bronze statue was designed to be interactive. The statue is sitting on a bench that is positioned beneath a pepper tree. This placement was inspired by the famous “pepper tree talks.”   Check out the bronze plaque to find out more about the pepper tree. While sitting under the pepper tree, Carl liked to contemplate his new discoveries and share ideas with the colleagues.  Visitors are invited to sit by bronze portrait likeness of Carl for a unique photo opportunity.

“Prior to 1934, there were no known multivitamin/multimineral supplements. Carl Rehnborg, founder of the NUTRILITE brand, created his first nutrition product and became a pioneer in the history of nutrition.”- from the NUTRILITE website.

Carl Rehnborg Custom Bronze Portrait Statue by Lena Toritch

Watch Lena Toritch create a unique likeness of Carl

Bronze Portrait Statue of Carl Rehnborg Installed at NUTRILITE

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