John DePaul Bronze Portrait Bust.

Private Portrait Sculpture Commission.

Fine Art Bronze Portrait Sculpture by Lena Toritch is a family and community treasure. Since the days of the Roman Empire, the bronze portrait bust has been the ultimate way to honor a person of importance and influence.It is a versatile sculpture design that can be created in any scale: a life-size portrait bust,  larger than life size or smaller. Memorial portrait busts can be displayed indoors or outdoors.  But only an artist of exceptional ability can create a perfect likeness for a bronze bust. Toritch goes beyond the physical characteristics to create a statue that portrays a person’s personality and appears lifelike. Call (801) 359-2451 to commission your custom bronze portrait bust.


This is a bronze portrait bust of John DePaul who was CEO, President, and owner of the Lehigh Press Inc. This unique monument is located at this grave site at Locustwood Memorial Park in Cherry Hill, NJ. Toritch designed the statue and pedestal to conform to strict cemetery placement guidelines. The statue depicts Mr.Depaul with his signature cane and a homburg hat. The detail of this bronze portrait statue is exquisite. DePaul’s favorite cuff links, a tie pin and even the feather on his hat were carefully researched and sculpted with precision.

Toritch believes that capturing unique details make her bronze portrait sculptures more personal.

I created this portrait to reflect Mr. DePauls’s unique personal style with his signature homburg hat and cane. This bust reveals a lot about him without sculpting a full figure statue.

— Lena Toritch

Custom Bronze Monument portrait sculpture bust by Lena Toritch
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