Firefighter Bronze Statue

Lena Toritch was commissioned to sculpt this wildland firefighter bronze statue after a team of fire fighters was killed in Arizona in 2013. These are highly trained, hardworking outdoors people. A real wildland firefighter posed for the statue wearing his full protective gear and fire equipment. Creating a bronze statue of a firefighter requires careful attention to detail to ensure that the specialized clothing, gear and chainsaw are accurate.

If you’ve ever seen a raging wildfire or feared you might lose life or property to a wildfire you know how important and valiant wildland firefighter can be. These are men and women who deserve our respect and appreciation for the difficult work they do the lives and property they protect. Dozens of thank you signs are displayed on the streets after a fire moves through a community. Now you can remember and honor firefighters with a bronze statue. This small model is destined to be a monument someday.

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