“Max the Pug” Custom Bronze Dog Portrait

Private Bronze Dog Sculpture Commission

This Bronze Portrait Statue of Max the Pug has all the charm of the original little dog. Max has a unique appearance with his crooked teeth and droopy cheeks but his heart, sense of loyalty and toughness are also visible. If you love Pug’s you will love Max. He is beloved family pet now immortalized in bronze. Lena Tortich has a special gift for custom dog portraits and Max’s owners were delighted with the Bronze statue that will now forever be a wonderful reminder of that special little guy.

Pugs may carry themselves with a lot of attitude and dignity but they are clowns at heart. And who can resist that cute round face with lots of wrinkles and big dark eyes? These dogs love to have fun which is the secret to their enduring popularity. As you can see from Max the Pug, this breed has a compact well-muscled little body with a short coat of fur.

Lena Toritch loves this particular dog statue and likes to show it as a fine example of her custom bronze dog portraits. Lena says that she was enjoying sculpting every little detail of this desktop bronze dog portrait. Max had a favorite pose and it is now captured in a bronze statue that will be cherished and loved. Lena is a true dog sculptor who can see beauty in every dog she depicts.

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